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Paula and Ricardo

Isabelle and Felicien

Florencia and Manuel

Florencia and Manuel are the dynamic duo behind the Australian Kizomba Festival – not only do they organise the event,  but they also teach and perform during it as well! Manuel and Florencia are one of the pioneering Kizomba teaching couples in Australia. They have a strong following in Melbourne as well as travelling regularly around Australia to teach students and train other instructors. Their reputation reached international status in 2014 when they taught alongside the world’s best at L.I.K.E. Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Top-calibre teachers in every regard – they are renowned for their warm and friendly teaching style, clear and engaging methodology, extensive knowledge, alongside a huge dose of charisma and fun!

Armand De Saint-Salvy

Armand is one of the founding fathers of Kizomba in Australia. He began dancing Kizomba in 2007, and in 2009 he established Kizomba Australia in Sydney, a school dedicated specifically to sharing the Kizomba love and related styles: Semba, Tarraxa, Urban Kiz, Kuduro and Afro house. He’s taught and performed around the country and loves nothing more than a simple hug and dance.

Wimmy and Bari

Between Wimmy and Bari, there is chemistry, connection and skills. They’ve spent their time in Portugal to learn from the best Kizomba teachers. Wimmy and Bari have founded Dança in Wellington, New Zealand and have been working as a team since 2014. In their class, you will get practical explanations, techniques and walk away with a great understanding of a true partnership in Kizomba.

Sara Nicole

Sara brings a fresh and enthusiastic attitude to Brisbane Kizomba. She is extremely passionate about all styles under the Kizomba umbrella incl. Kizomba, Semba, Urban and Fusion and has been avidly sharing this love around the local and national community for the past 5 years. Sara dedicates most of her spare hours each week, developing and refining curriculum, teaching, choreographing and training performance teams, alongside facilitating regular socials and practicas for the wider dance community. Sara initially started dancing at the age of 5 with jazz ballet classes, however broadened her depth of dance education during high school, receiving exceptional grades in performance, choreography and written appreciation analysis. She was a member of her competitive high school cheerleading squad and has artistic roller skated at state and national levels. Sara discovered her passion for Latin dancing during a volunteer trip to Costa Rica in 2010 and the Latin scene has been a huge part of her life ever since – offsetting her “day job”as a financial accountant. Starting her dance journey training under the instruction Kadu Pires, Larissa Thayane & Tarciso Tiatini-Climaco at Rio Rhythmics and later joining the teaching team at K&L Dance. Sara has been touching the hearts of students, international artists and organisers alike, at a number of well-established festivals around Australia and Australasian countries, such as Whitsunday Latin Festival, Australian Kizomba Festival, AWAKE and I’m Your DJ, Kuala Lumpur, with admirable feedback in relation to her workshops, performances alongside her former dance partner Luke. Sara has also assisted Albir Rojas, Kristofer Mencack, Vasco Moestus, Lucia Nogueira and Audi MPK at various events and has successfully facilitated World Team Projects for Sara Lopez and Carolina Kizomba. She is also trained in Brazilian Zouk, Samba de Gafieira & is working towards a second competition piece in Argentinean Tango. Sara is now a key member in a community brand ‘BrisKiz’ with plans to expand Kizomba & Urban Kiz focusing on collaboration and harmony within the local scene. BrisKiz is the platform to collaborate with quality venues, employ professionally trained DJ’s and facilitate fantastic teachers to share their knowledge building the reputation of quality dancers with respect.


Loris is an international teacher from Paris, who started his Urban Kiz journey at the age of 15 and continues to dance among the best in the highly competitive dance scene in Paris, France.

Recognised for his proficiency in Urban Kiz & creative musicality, he placed first in the international championship in 2017.

Now member of the LHIT team in Paris, he is expressing his style and continuing to push boundaries in Urban Kiz and Tarraxo. Loris also actively trains the LHIT team in choreography and refining technique for musical expression.


Lukas Enciso

For over 10 years Lukas dedicated his time to various Latin, African and Afro-Latin dance styles. Beginning with latin dances like Cuban Salsa and Bachata before moving most of his attention to Afro-Latin and African dances such as Kizomba. Lukas is best known for his experience in Kizomba & Semba becoming one of the most certified and recognised instructors of Kizomba in the Australian dance scene. Lukas has competed and won the national Africadancar Asia-Pacific Championship as well as competing in Portugal for the International championship in 2015. He also achieved first place in the Kizomba Freestyle and Kizomba Pro-Am devisions in the Australian Dance Cup 2018.

Saskia and Merwan

Saskia and Merwan have been involved in the New Zealand dance scene since 2009. Between them their involvement spans a range of dance styles that have incorporated; solo dancing, partner work, couples teams, solo teams, musical theater to list a few. They have traveled learning and teaching internationally covering both hemispheres. The wealth of knowledge gained through years and time spent in travel is what they offer to share unconditionally. Their focus for the past few years has been to raise the level and awareness of Kizomba in New Zealand. Musicality, timing, connection and communication are the tools they use to share their experiences. “Dancing is what music should look like. Through our movement we can communicate with a complete stranger and share a moment, embedding a beautiful memory. Thus making dance our unifying language, together let’s move as one.

Mauricio and Sophie

Mauricio and Sophie currently run the only Kizomba exclusive school in Adelaide: Kizomba Beats. Their journey began in 2016 and their passion for the dance has taken them across the country, to Europe and back.  They’ve returned refreshed and inspired after spending time completing intensive workshops with some of their favourite Kizomba and Urban Kizomba dancers.   “We wanted to continue sharing our passion and knowledge. Gaining the certifications gave us the foundation to teach the basics to our students properly. Kizomba is a continual cycle of learn – teach- share”. As teachers we are fun and easy going with attention to technique and details.  Now Kizomba Beats is the leading kizomba school in South Australia, giving regular classes, special events, organising workshops with inter-state and International artists to grow the kizomba community in Adelaide. Their students and followers appreciate the passion driven nature of the school.

Andrea Fernandez

Andrea is owner and instructor at Free2Dance in Darwin. Starting her dancing career in Ballroom dancing, it was in salsa that Andrea found her true passion. Teaching professionally since November 2014, she is highly experienced in Salsa, Bachata, Casino De Rueda and Merengue. After intense study, Kizomba was added to her repertoire in early 2016, and has since cultivated a large number of students. Andrea has quickly established herself in the Darwin dancing scene as a brilliant dancer, and equally fantastic instructor. Her students come from all walks of life, and she has inspired many people to give dancing a go, with many finding a new passion in dance. Andrea believes that dancing is about connection, and the flow of the music. She emphasises that one must thoroughly know the basics before building into something great. Kizomba lessons with Andrea, are not to be missed!

Badi Bayly

Badi Bayly is the director of Riovana Dance Company in Perth and is a highly experienced teacher and performer with many years experience in Kizomba, Bachata, Zouk and other Latin Styles. He has featured at numerous festivals including Bailar Kizomba in Sydney and Australian Kizomba Festival in Melbourne. He recently returned from a European tour attending some of the most prestigious Kizomba events across Europe.


DJ Manny Valdez

DJ Reds


DJ Puto Tomas

DJ Lukaloco

DJ Tang Tang



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