2018 Australian Kizomba Festival


Experience 3 full days of incredible Kizomba Workshops across two dedicated areas, catering for all levels! Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Urban, Afrohouse/Kuduro, Body Movement/Styling, Musicality, Connection and more

Thursday 11 October (Pre-Event): Sold Out

Exclusive Workshops + Meet’n’Greet Pre-Party (separate event)

Friday 12 October (Day One Workshops):

9:30am Kizomba Lead and Follow Techniques (Open Level) – Sophie and Mauricio (HALL)

10:30am Urban Kiz Technical Steps (Intermediate) – Sara and Loris (HALL)

10:30am Kizomba Essence (Open Level) – Andrea Fernandez (STUDIO)

11:30am Break (15 mins)

11:45am Kizomba Fusion (Advanced) – Albir (HALL)

11:45am Kizomba ‘Dancing In The Moment’ (Open Level) – Saskia and Merwan  (STUDIO)

12:45pm Lunch (75 mins)

2:00pm Semba Social Style (Intermediate) – Paula and Ricardo (HALL)

3:00pm Unleash Your Kizomba Superpowers! (Intermediate Level) – Florencia and Manuel (HALL)

Friday Night Workshop (included in party entry):

8:00pm Tarraxinha (Intermediate) – Paula and Ricardo

Saturday 13 October (Day Two Workshops):

9:30am Doors open/Registrations

10:00am Kizomba ‘Back To Basics’ (Open Level) – Isabelle and Felicien (HALL)

10:00am Urban Kiz ‘Creativity Tools’ (Intermediate) – Sara and Loris (STUDIO)

11:00am Kizomba Musicality (Intermediate) – Paula and Ricardo (HALL)

11:00am Kizomba ‘Playfulness and Control’ (Open Level) – Badi Bayly (STUDIO)

12:00pm Break (15 mins)

12:15pm Kizomba ‘4 Points And Grids – Technical’ (Intermediate/Advanced) – Albir (HALL)

12:15pm Kizomba Flow (Open Level) – Wimmy and Bari (STUDIO)

1:15pm Lunch

2:30pm Kizomba Partnerwork (Advanced) – Paula and Ricardo (STUDIO)

2:30pm Kizomba Connectzen (Open Level) – Lukas Enciso (STUDIO)

3:30pm Modern Kizomba (Advanced) – Isabelle and Felicien (HALL)

3:30pm Kuduro/Afrohouse (Open Level) – Armand De Saint-Salvy (STUDIO)

Saturday Night Workshop (included in party entry):

8:30pm Kizomba ‘Slow Motion vs Syncopation’ (Intermediate) – Albir

Sunday 14 October (Day Three Workshops):

11:00am Semba (Open Level) – Armand De Saint-Salvy (HALL)

12:00pm Kizomba ‘Rhythm and Energy Variations (Intermediate/Advanced) – Isabelle and Felicien (HALL)

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Kizomba ‘It’s Not Just Batida/Playing with Different Instruments’ (Open Level) – Albir (HALL)

3:00pm Kizomba Retro Style (Intermediate) – Paula and Ricardo (HALL)

Sunday Night Workshop (included in party entry):

8:00pm Modern Kizomba (Intermediate) – Isabelle and Felicien

Please note: Artist line-up and Workshop schedule is subject to change without notice.

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