International Artists

Albir Rojas

Madrid, Spain

Albir Rojas is a dancer, choreographer, actor and instructor based in Madrid, Spain.

He is one of the most recognised Kizomba dancers in the world, and he is highly sought-after to teach and perform at Festivals and events worldwide.

Albir began dancing in Panamá at the age of 15 with Hip hop dance. He continued his training adding other styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, funk, new style as well as acting.

He was part of the cast, as actor and dancer, in musicals such as Grease, the King and I, Fame, West Side Story and the Fantastics.

In 2001, he traveled to Madrid to further his studies in Communication, Advertising, Filmmaking and as a Sound Technician.

Since completing his studies, he continued to live and work in Spain, and during this time his career as a dancer also flourished, becoming his full-time calling.

Albir specialises in Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Semba, Bachata and Cuban salsa. He absolutely loves what he does, and he wants to share all that he feels for dancing with people around the world. This will be his fifth visit to Australia where he has established a large base of fans and admirers eager to continue learning from him.

Isabelle & Felicien


The discovery of Kizomba brought Isabelle & Félicien together.

They combined their musicality, their techniques and creativity to become one. They stand out because of their authenticity and their innovation, combining the basics of this Angolan dance and their own influences.

Isabelle Periac

Isabelle dances since she was 6 years old. Dancehall, african dances, passing gwo ka and hip-hop. More recently she has stepped into salsa.

Félicien Rossa

Félicien discoverd dancing at the age of 11. He started with ballroom and swing (rock’n’roll, lindy-hop, acrobatic rock). A few years later he discovered latin dances (salsa cuban and portorican, bachata), and after that west coast swing and argentine tango.

Laurent & Adeline


Laurent and Adeline are one of the hottest Kizomba artists currently to come out of France. Their Kizomba journey has seen them crowned winners of the 2013 French Kizomba Tour, France’s national Kizomba Championships.

After this amazing feat they started posting their now famous Kizomba videos on YouTube, and their style and moves have inspired Kizomba dancers and instructors worldwide.

They are currently travelling to different parts of the world to show and teach people their vision and love for Kizomba. During their classes you will discover their specialty lies in attention to: Musicality, Technique, Expression and Feeling.