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Your first visit

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable, smart casual clothing that does not restrict movement.

What kind of shoes do I need?

Initially, there is no need to buy special shoes. You can wear either heels or flats that you feel comfortable in. Please no slip on shoes, things or bare feet.

If you have decided you would like to continue dancing or plan to come on an on-going basis, dance shoes are recommended. Jazz ballet shoes or dance sneakers are fine for practice, and Latin dance heels are available from various dance outlets and also online. Please feel free to contact us to ask for some suggestions.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you don’t need to bring a partner. We rotate partners regularly throughout the class so you will have an opportunity to dance with various other dancers and also the instructors.

I have no dance experience/two left feet, can I join this class?

Absolutely! Our beginners level classes are designed for people who have no dance experience and we will guide you steadily through the fundamentals in a friendly and welcoming environment.

When can I start taking classes? Do you have set term dates?

You can start classes any time! We do not run to set term dates and classes are designed so that people can join at any time. We do work on themes or blocks to build on your learning while at the same time each class is self-contained and stand alone.

Should I do group or private classes?

Both group and private classes are excellent and offer different benefits. Group classes cover a diversity of material and technique while giving you a fun, social setting in which to learn. Private lessons can be a great complement to group classes and are the best way to get individual attention and address any particular questions you have, technique or moves you want to work on and a chance to work on leading or following with a specialist instructor. A combination of group lessons, private classes and social dancing can work well for an all-round dance experience.